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Seems like You have heard about Web Server But do you know What is Web Server?

Web Server is a system or computer that is used to store all the files and folders (HTML files, css, Images, JavaScript files) and can be viewed or accessed by End User. Suppose A person wants to open coderinme.com , he/she will open Web Browser and type coderinme.com  then it will open like this.Web Server Installation

But Behind this web Browser Request, what happened to server and browser that we don’t know yet.Let’s begin with following example

Web Server Installation
First of all browser will use this url to resolve and consequently it will do the following things.

1.Web Browser Resolves the Domain Name to an IP Address

At first this domain coderinme.com will be resolved by Broswer to find out it’s server that where coderinme.com ‘s files  are stored. So some ip address will be resolved e.g.

2 request url to server

Now browser will request full url to web server or IP address to access files.

like coderinme.com/contact-us

3. Web Server responds

Web server will send the response of requested page to browser. For example

web server of Coder In Me will send contact us page as a response against the request of browser.

4. Browser Display the Page

Web Browser will render the page for End User.

Web Server Installation

For Beginner We will show how to install Wamp or Xammp server on your PC and furthermore we will discuss how it is used.

you can download Xampp from here and Wamp from this link.

Types of Web Servers

Apache HTTP Server

This is the most popular web server in the world developed by the Apache Software Foundation. Apache web server is an open source software and can be installed on almost all operating systems including Linux, Unix, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and more. About 60% of the web server machines run the Apache Web Server. Furthermore Xampp will use this server

Internet Information Services

The Internet Information Server (IIS) is a high performance Web Server from Microsoft. This web server runs on Windows NT/2000 and 2003 platforms ( and may be on upcoming new Windows version also). IIS comes bundled with Windows NT/2000 and 2003; Because IIS is tightly integrated with the operating system so it is relatively easy to administer it.


The lighttpd, pronounced lighty is also a free web server that is distributed with the FreeBSD operating system. This open source web server is fast, secure and consumes much less CPU power. Lighttpd can also run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

Sun Java System Web Server

This web server from Sun Microsystems is suited for medium and large websites. Though the server is free it is not open source. It however, runs on Windows, Linux and Unix platforms. The Sun Java System web server supports various languages, scripts and technologies required for Web 2.0 such as JSP, Java Servlets, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, ASP and Coldfusion etc

Jigsaw Server

Jigsaw (W3C’s Server) comes from the World Wide Web Consortium. It is open source and free and can run on various platforms like Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X Free BSD etc. Jigsaw has been written in Java and can run CGI scripts and PHP programs.

The OS we will require for these server can be Linux ? Mac? Window.
XAMPP is the most popular PHP development environment.


X:cross platform, A: Apache server, M: MySQL DBMS, P: PHP , P :Perl
XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution open source with world wide best Community Support.

You can easily install Xamp , may be you need help you can go to Wiki how from here
after installation and server startup, we can go to browser and type
Note: You have to save your files in xampp folder. you can go direct
Local Disk(c):—> Xampp——> htdocs, you can create new folder for your new pages or local site.
The Same tutorial can be found for Wamp
Wamp folder can be access like Local Disk(c):—> Wamp——> www
in www folder you should save your files.Seem Like you are good in xampp or Wamp.

Advance Concepts

How to install and configuration codeigniter in your XAMPP server.just go through these steps

Step1):First of all, Download the codeigniter from this website. https://ellislab.com/codeigniter/ don’t worry it’s free and official.
Step2:- Now, extract and rename the downloaded file of name inside the htdocs folder in your XAMPP or www folder in WAMP.
Step3)- Open that folder and see there is an application folder, in this application folder there is MVC (Model View Controller)
step 4)- you have to configure you codeignitor, hence open config folder and edit config.php (application/config/config.php)

May be you can do this but you should be careful in this configuration


Suppose you have created CIM folder then in config.php set

$config['base_url'] = "http://localhost/cim/";

you can check it using http://localhost/cim/

Now it is the time to configure database therefore just open database.php

$db['default']['hostname'] = "localhost";
$db['default']['username'] = "root";
$db['default']['password'] = "root";
$db['default']['database'] = "helloworld";
$db['default']['dbdriver'] = "mysql"

and Additionally, since we will be using the database quite a bit, we want it to auto load so that we don't
have to specifically load it each time we connect. So you should Open the application/config/autoload.php file
and add 'database' to the autoload libaries array.

$autoload['libraries'] = array('database');

Currently, the CIM setup will have a default controller called "welcome.php";so you can find this in the system/application/controllers folder.you can delete it for your pages and open your system/application/config/routes.php file. Change the default array item to point to the "coderinme" controller.

$route['default_controller'] = "coderinme"

CIM also has a view file that we do not need. Open up the system/application/view/ folder
and delete the welcome_message.php file.
For more detail you can take help tutsplus

Finally you have any issue contact us for help Thank you !That's all for the day, play with web server enjoy coding and play to feel you  can say i have a coder in me.

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