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Hey Guyz, here I am going to provide you all the questions that were asked to me in TCS ON-CAMPUS Placement drive on 26, OCT 2017 at ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY.

The whole Interview process was divided into the following two rounds:

  1. Technical Round + Management Round
  2. H.R. Round

Question are discussed below (Using Abbreviation I: Interviewer) –

1- Technical Round + Management Round

In this round, there are two interviewers at each panel, and in my panel one was male and other was female and both were very cool and calm.

I: Introduce yourself?

Me: Given a brief introduction of myself.


I: Tell me languages which you know?

Me: C, Java.


I:  Do you know inter function communication?

Me: A function is a self-contained block or sub program that perform a special task when it is called. Whenever a function is called to perform a specific task, then the called function performs that specific task and the result is returns back to the calling function. The data flow between the calling and a called function to perform a specific task is known as inter function communication.


I: Do you know leave command?

Me: No, and still searching the answer of this question.


I:  Write a program to find prime numbers from 1 to 100?

Me: Program as follows(best to my knowledge):



int main()


  int num,n,div,p;

  printf("Enter any number: ");

  scanf("%d", &num);

  for(n=2; n<=num; n++)


   for(div=2; div<n; div++)













 return 0;



I: Is 1 a prime no.?

Me: No, 1 is not a prime number.


I: What are composite numbers?

Me: A composite number is a positive integer which is not prime i.e., which has factors other than 1 and itself for example 6, 9 etc.


I: Any subject which you like?

Me: Mathematics.


I: What is the difference between compiler and interpreter?

Me: Both are the translators, the basic difference between compiler and interpreter is that interpreter is interpret the program line by line and if any error is found in the program then it stops interpretation and shows the error message while compiler compile the whole program in once and in case of any error it will compile first the whole program and then will show the error message.


I:  What is array?

Me: An array is a collection of homogeneous data types and it allocates contiguous memory.


I:  Can an array store different data types?

Me: No, because it stores only homogeneous data types.


I: What is structure?

Me: A structure is a collection of heterogeneous data types. We can store different data types within a structure like integer, character, string etc.


I: What is primary key?

Me: Primary key is a key which is used to uniquely identify the each and every rows of a table.


I: What is foreign key?

Me: foreign key is a key which is used as a primary key in another table.


I: How will you relate two tables in database?

Me: Using foreign key.


I: Have you done any project?

Me: told the name of projects which I have done and mentioned in my resume.


I: how did you connect database in your project?

Me: wrote the database connection string in which i have used in my projects as follows:

Dim conn As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("SQLDbConnection")


I: Which DBMS have you studied in you syllabus?



I: Have you worked on oracle?

Me: No, I have worked on MySQL.


I: What is jar file?

Me: A JAR file is actually just a ZIP file. It can contain anything – usually it contains compiled Java code (*.class), but sometimes also Java source code (*.java).


I: How will you end a program in C?

Me: using exit(0);


I: How many types of passing arguments in C? And which one is better?

Me: two types of passing arguments are there.

1) Call by value

2) Call by address

  • Call by address is better because it reflects the changes in original parameters and also saves the memory.


I: Are you from Aligarh?

Me: yes, I am from Aligarh.


I: Are you okay if we will reallocate you anywhere in India or may be outside of India?

Me: yes, I don’t have any problem with that


I: Do you want to go for higher studies?

Me: No, because now, I want to learn practically rather than theoretically.


I: What is your father’s occupation?

Me: told.


I: What is your mother’s education?

Me: told.


I: How may siblings you have?

Me: told.


I: Any question you want to ask from me?

Me: I asked about aspires and joining date of TCS from interviewers.




I: What’s your name?

Me: told.


I: you don’t have any break? (She means break as gap or drop in my academics)

Me: told.


I: Now tell me about yourself including your family?

Me: told.


I: Have you done B.Sc. from same A.M.U.?

Me: yes, i have done B.Sc. also from A.M.U.


I: Have you given any test for it?

Me: No, I have not given any entrance for the admission in B.Sc. because at my time it was on merit basis.


I: So, you scored quite good marks in your 12th?

Me: yes.


I: Have you given entrance for M.C.A.?

Me: yes, I have given National level entrance for M.C.A. (A.M.U.)


I: M.C.A. is a two year program or three year?

Me: M.C.A. is a three year program.


I: What is your father’s occupation?

Me: told.


I: What is your mother’s occupation?

Me: told.


I: Do you know about shifts, TCS provides working hours in shifts like night shift?

Me: yes, I know about the shifts.


I: Do you about bond policy of TCS? If you leave you job before one year without completing your bond you have to pay 50K?

Me: yes, I know about bond policy of TCS.


I: If I will put you in Chennai or say in any part of India then are you okay?

Me: Yes, I am okay with it, I like to travel.


I: Have you done courses other than academics?

Me: Yes, Interior decoration and fashion garments.


I: Now still are you doing something on these?

Me: No, this time I am busy in my studies so i am not able to do these.


I: Who is your role model?

Me: This time, No one. But when I was in class 8th I was very influenced with my computer teacher, her name was Ms. Sarita Singh. And at that time she was a student of (A.M.U.), inspiring from her I was decided to take admission in A.M.U. and today I am a student of A.M.U. and I am very glad with it.


I: How many siblings you have?

Me: told.


I: any question you want to ask from me?

Me: I asked about training duration of TCS.


I hope this will help you in your campus placement. Wish you ALL THE BEST ..!!


Writer : – Khushbu Varshney



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