Sum of Reciprocal Series coderinme

Sum of Reciprocal Series coderinme

Write a java program that computes the sum of the reciprocals: 1/1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + … + 1/10

Mathematically, This is an an Arithmetic Sequence because we can clearly see that the difference between one term and the next is a constant (difference 2). In General we could write an arithmetic sequence like this:
{a, a+d, a+2d, a+3d, … }
a is the first term, and
d is the difference between the terms (called the “common difference”)
To sum up the terms of this arithmetic sequence:
a + (a+d) + (a+2d) + (a+3d) + …
use this formula:
Sum = n/2 * { 2a + (n-1) * d }

In Java, it is quiet simple:

public class Q11
public static void main(String[] args) 
float sum=0;
for(int i=1;i<=10;i++) {
System.out.println(" The sum of reciprocal is = :"+sum);

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Sum of Reciprocal Series coderinme

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