Sort Array of Cricketers coderinme

Sort Array of Cricketers coderinme

Sort Array of Cricketers coderinme
Now let us code something using the concept of Structures in C. It is quite easy and simple to understand. Structure is a collection of variables of different types under a single name.

A record contains name of cricketer, his age, and number of test matches that he has played and the average runs he has scored in each test match. Create an array that holds the records of 20 such cricketer and then write a program to read these records and arrange them in ascending order by average runs.

#define SIZE 3
typedef struct rec
char name[50];
int age, no;
int avg;
} rec;
int compare (rec * a, rec * b)
if ( a->avg avg )
return -1 ;
if ( a->avg == b->avg )
return 0;
if ( a->avg > b->avg )
return 1;
int main()
struct rec r[SIZE];
int i;
printf("\nEnter the record as follows\n1.) Name of the cricketer\n2.) Age of the cricketer\n3.) Total runs of the cricketer\n4.) Average score of the cricketer");
for(i = 0; i <SIZE ; i++)
printf("\n\nEnter The Record of %d cricketer: \n", i + 1);
qsort (r, SIZE, sizeof(r[0]), compare);
printf("\nThe list of entered cricketers are (sorted) : \n");
for(i = 0; i < SIZE ; i++) {
printf("\nRecord of %d cricketer are (sorted) : \n",i + 1);
return 0;

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Sort Array of Cricketers coderinme

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