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Today I’m going to take you on a ride of pointers with the help of different topics. We all know that we’re very afraid of pointers since we first read it. Today I’m going to try to let you explain the uneasy POINTERS, to make you learn Pointers.

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What are Pointers?

First of all, starting with the explanation where these have come from i.e. Dynamic Data Structures in which many things like pointers, linked list, stack, queues and different things are included. You can read it through our previous post-https://coderinme.com/dynamic-data-structures-how-to-use/

Dynamic Data Structures how to use


In this, we have explained what are these, how to play with the pointers, how to use them. As we all know that before going on the coding part first we have to understand the basic knowledge of it. We’ll face many problems with respect to memory because it doesn’t matter how much space we have it still looks small for us.

In the above link of DYNAMIC DATA STRUCTURE we come to know that to use dynamic memory allocation we have to use several functions like malloc(), calloc(), realloc(), free(), etc. All the examples with a program can also be seen in that link.


Implementation of Pointers

After the basic knowledge of the pointers(data structure), we must move towards its implementation which sometimes seems to be a nightmare for most of us. Before actually implementing the pointers we just being hopeless that what will be the code, how do we do it, is it the correct way, what if it doesn’t work as same as we want it to be, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!! So let’s make it easy for everyone and face the fun while its implementation.

The next topic of the pointers related to its implementation:


from here you can learn how to implement and if you run it what would be its result. In this post, we have examples not only in C but also in C++.


Why we need Pointers?

Going one step further we have a question “WHY”. Why we need pointers, Is it possible to work without it, When exactly we need the pointers. Everyone has this kind of questions for sure and to solved their problem we have our another post i.e.


In this post, you come to know the exact use of pointers, why we need it to learn so badly, why these are important in the basic level of learning and when we use them.


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