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As you see in our previous post of PHP project that “how to install all the required software” and “how to make a PHP program”.Link for Previous Post

Today we are going to see an example of PHP project and then learn about all the related diagrams of the project like ER Diagram, DFD etc.

A Project Demo, Project design problem analysis

Full explanation of PHP Project: Part-3 & 4

Firstly take the example of the AMU Placement website you can see:

  • how the project looks like after its completion
  • what is the beauty of PHP, how it moulds the things from a bunch of code to the working phase of user requirement.

Talking about the website, it has two main modules that are Student & Admin. In Student part, one can log in as a student and then mark all the requirements related to the placement and also be searching for the companies suited to one’s profile. Then in Second i.e. Admin you can handle all this, create, update, delete or do anything with the profiles and management of the companies and student. In the Project, you can do all the possible things which one needed for the Recruitment in the Campus.


Full Explanation of PHP Project in Part-4

Now moving towards the Fourth video that is the necessary diagram like

  • Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Data Flow Diagram and
  • Use-Case

When you create or design a project then there is one mandatory part of the project is its DATABASE. To understand about the database we first have to understand it with the help of its Diagram. The table in RDBMS works as an Entity and the fields as the attributes of the entities, the relationship can be shown with the cardinality between two entities. All the primary key, multivalued data, derived data can be shown with the help of ER Diagram.

Then discussing the DFD i.e. Data Flow Diagram Context level or Zero level. In this, we tell about the main modules of the project like in the Recruitment main module is of Job Process Detail, Student, Company and of course the Database. In the First level DFD, we discuss the different module separately, for example, in Student, we discuss the flow of the data between the student and the portal and last recorded in the database. Similarly with the condition of the Company, telling about the whole flow of it.

Afterwards, the third kind of diagram i.e. USE CASE diagrams used to describe a set of actions (use cases) that some system or systems (subject) should or can perform in collaboration with one or more external users of the system (actors). First of all taking Company and Student we are trying to tell the scenario between the Company and the Student with the help of the portal that how to login, how to access the page for registration and filling up the Resume and then in another discussing the scene between the Admin, Student and the Computer that how the admin handle all the data of the student as well as of company, how to generate it, how to make Updation in it, and if not required then how to delete it by making a backup of it.

We hope you learn these things from this video so that you can’t only perfect for making PHP Project but your documentation is also perfect because it is necessary to have a good documentation for a better use of your project.


To watch the video go click on the below link:


Part III:




Part IV:




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