Developers and their managers friends and Assests

Be a good friend, you will be a good You are a developer or you make them best.n Indian IT industry, developer are known as nightmare, workaholic, alone(not so social) and fixer(error, code).

They are not much punctual but they work late night, some are too much logical , mathematical. And some came only due to comparatively good salary.

Developer life

Recentlymy friend joined as a developer in one of good MNC (successful startup we can say). He is good in logic , he knows how to code or how to complete his task.His salary has increased 3 times till now. After 1.5 yr now he is being promoted as a snr developer and supervisor of 1 jr developer.

I asked him about developer life, and he said it’s depends on your curiosity, logic , project and most importantly project manager.

He often communicatie or work with client. He believed in that quote ” try to solve your client, your code will easily solved their problems.”

Type of projects , behavior of supervisor, work assignment is the keyrole for fresher. He realized and often discuss that whatever he achieved or learned in IT industry , it’s only because of his hunger to learn new things, trust of his supervisor and lineancy also.

But for developer , blind trust of supervisor/ project manager is a very big responsibility.

Work hard, make a deadline, try to complete it before the deadline, be flexible and honest with your supervisor.

These are not golden rules but are practical approach to experience good  job life of IT industry.

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