Calculate Net Electric Charges of Consumers coderinme

Calculating Net Electric Power Charges

Assignment: An electric power company charges its domestics consumers as follows:
Consumption unit Rate of charge
0-200 Rs. 0.50 per unit
201-400 Rs. 100 + Rs. 0.65 per unit excess of 200
401-600 Rs. 230 + Rs. 0.80 per unit excess of 400
601 and above Rs. 390 + Rs. 1.00 per unit excess of 600
C program to read the customer number and power consumed and print the amount to be paid by the customer

int main()
int unit,num;
float cost;
printf("Enter the consumer No.: ");
printf("Enter the Power consumption(in unit): ");
if( unit > 0 && unit  200 && unit  400 && unit  600)
cost = 390 + 1.0 * ( unit - 600 );
printf("Amount to be paid by the customer (Rs. %d): %.2f",num,cost);
return 0;

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Calculate Net Electric Charges of Consumers coderinme

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