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Calculate gross salary in C

This is the program to Calculate gross salary in C for input basic salary. The DA (dearness allowance) is 70%, HRA (House Rent Allowance) is 15%, TA (Travelling Allowance) is 20% of basic salary.

int main(){
	float bs,da,ha,ta,n;
	printf("Hi,Please input  Basic Salary\t");
	printf("\n Dearness Allowance = %.3f\t",da);
	printf("\n House-Rent Allowance = %.3f\t",ha);
	printf("\n Travelling Allowance = %.3f\t",ta);
	printf("\n If Basic salary is %.3f  then Net Salary will be %.3f\t",bs,n);
	printf("\nIt's Coder in Me\n");	
	return 0;

so the output  will beCalculate gross salary in C

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